Graffiti or guerilla marketing?


Spotted in the Solent this weekend… A case of Graffiti or Guerrilla Marketing?

According to Red Funnel, it’s all part of a marketing campaign.

Jonathan Green, Red Funnel sales and marketing director, said,”We found out at 5.30am this morning that graffiti had been written one of our ferries. Instead of Red Funnel, the ferry’s livery now reads Red Squirrel.

“We understand there’s been a bit of animosity between grey squirrels and the Isle of Wight’s native red squirrels. “We came down to the terminal this morning and found three grey squirrels protesting. They want to go to the Island, but they’re not allowed.”

It’s all part of the campaign to protect Red Squirrels – for whom the Isle of Wight is one of their last refuges.