To tune or not to tune? Would you drive your car with wheels misaligned? Run a marathon with your shoelaces loose? Sharpen up at Berthon now.

1) Can Berthon tune any rig (even with no rig data)? There are formulae to calculate rig tension, but it’s more about the experience of the rigger in making sure the mast is straight, correctly positioned and the rigging tensioned correctly.

2) How much faster will my boat go with a well-tuned rig?

mast-diagram-layoutIt’s more about efficiency than speed alone. A sagging forestay reduces upwind performance. Loose shrouds will cause the top of the mast to bend to leeward and lose power in the main sail. A well-tuned rig gives better all-round performance and thus a better VMG, getting you there faster.





3) How often should rigging be adjusted or checked once tuned? A new rig will have a dock tune when the mast is stepped. A second check and re-tune is advisable, once the boat has had some time under sail and the rigging is bedded in. Regular visual checks should be made as part of your routine maintenance and an annual check by an experienced rigger is also recommended.

4) Do Berthon come for sea trials with sails up afterwards? For simple rigs it’s not normally necessary to carry out on the water tuning, but for complex, multi spreader rigs we recommend a couple of hours at sea, with two riggers, to properly tune the rigging whilst under load.

5) What’s involved in an annual rig check?

Conventional stainless steel wire rigging should be subjected to a thorough visual inspection at least annually. If the mast is in the boat this involves hoisting a rigger aloft to check all shroud terminals, rigging screws, pins, hound fittings and the condition of the mast and spars. All secondary fittings, lights, mast head units etc can also be checked at the same time. A full check list report is provided highlighting any defects. To book your annual rig check call today – 01590 673312.

6) Can you inspect running rigging at same time? Yes, we can check either standing rigging alone or full rig checks including standing and running rigging and spars. Ideally ‘mousing’ halyards out to see potentially hidden chafe.

7) What is the cost of a rig check? To find out the cost and more information on Berthon Rigging services follow the link – Yacht Rig Tuning Information

For more information on all aspects of yacht rigging and rig checks call Berthon Rigging Manager Robin Milledge 01590 673312