Alison Wood

Alison Wood

I’ve always hankered after a pair of Chathams. The family-run company has made country and marine footwear in Britain for over 30 years, and has earned a reputation as the…


With buoyancy aids, it’s handy to have a pocket for a handheld radio, snack and multitool, and if you’re on a boat, maybe a spare kill-cord or engine key. I…

Pilotage drone: Raymarine UAV Pilotage and augmented reality

How useful is a pilotage drone to the average sailor? Ali Wood tests the Raymarine Axiom UAV app and Clear Cruise Augmented Reality to find out

Dismasted ARC yacht arriving in St Lucia

This is the moment dismasted ARC yacht Garuda arrives in St Lucia after crossing the Atlantic. Take a look at the damage on deck and read the full story in…

A yacht cruising as the sun sets on a English winter day

25 tips for keeping your boat prepped, your crew warm, and adventures flowing over winter