Your comprehensive guide to a whole year of Yachting Monthly news and features

Greenland Brian Black circumnavigates the first island created by global warmin: Jan p66
Atlantic dreams come true Mark Fishwick reports from the 2009 ARC: Feb p24
Midnight sun sailing Norways awe-inspiring Arctic archipelago: Feb p66
Canary Islands Rob Peake looks at the perfect winter getaway: Mar p42
Mid-Atlantic drama Maydays, rig failures and abandoned yachts in the 2009 ARC: Mar p52
Italy Jeremy Evans explores Italy’s Aeolian Islands: Apr p66
Adventures in Greenland Bob Shepton on his epic expedition: May p76
Secret Sardinia Asinara Marine National Park: June p50
Cruising Transpacific Neville Hockley sails 3000 miles from the Galápagos to the Marquesas Islands: July p68
Family Cruising Schooling while sailing the Med & Caribbean: Sept p86

Cruising the Solent Sunsails first UK flotilla: Aug p54
Madeira Chris Beeson on bareboat charter: Nov p20
British Virgin Islands: Nov p24
10 Winter charter destinations: Nov p28

The Pacific’s best kept secret : Rod Heikell in New Caledonia: June p74

Honeymoon Cruise Sarah Brown sailed from the Solent to Scotland to her wedding: Jan p28
Sussex to Galway Nic Compton bids farewell to his classic yacht: Mar p20
Ipswich to Newcastle Alastair Buchan on a tough winter voyage: Apr p24
Scottish Cruising Special Why sailors are heading north: May p22
Slow boat to Falmouth Chris Eakins rediscovers the West Country: May p56
A West Coast affair Mark Fishwick falls in love with Scotland: June p64
Cruising Ireland Ken Endean cruises the Emerald Coast: July p28
Suffolk to Sussex Nic Compton sails to Brighton in his 25ft sloop: July p56
40 great British anchorages Ken Endean shares his favourite havens: Summer p22
English Channel, Dover Straits & The Solent A Kiwi view of British cruising: Sept p78
10 Favourite hideaways Hidden havens around Britain & Ireland: Oct p24
Chasing a weather window Dick Durham & Kieran Flatt sail from Waterford to Milford Haven: Nov p54
Last sail of the season Mark Fishwick on late autumn cruising: Dec p50

Dartmouth Jan p58
Strangford Lough Feb p52
Eastbourne Mar p58
Milford Haven and Pembrokeshire Apr p66
Burnham and the River Crouch May p66
Calais June p56
Guernsey & Herm July p74
Poole Harbour Summer p56
St Vaast Aug p46
Plymouth Sept p68
Ostend Oct p52
Penzance and Newlyn Nov p44
La Coruna Dec p54

Brian Easteal; Commodore of the Westerly Owners Association Jan p66
Keith Stobbs; Navigating Officer of HMS Belfast 1961-62 Feb p64
Adrian Randall; Chairman of Adventures Offshore Mar p41
Charlie Hussey; Professional skipper on the Solway Maid Apr p71
Peter de Savary; Onboard his 126ft staysail schooner ‘Gloria’ May p72
Paul Boissier’s; RNLI Chief Exec June p73
Captain Colin Swindells: Master of P&O’s Pride of Kent July p62
Ian Walker; Navigation aboard Volvo Ocean Race yachts Summer p90
Phil Shannon; Second coxswain on the 30-tonne Tamar lifeboat Aug p63
Lieutenant Commander DJ Whild; HMS Victory Sept p76
John Wetton; Sailing instructor onboard his Sigma 400 Oct p69
Pete Goss; Onboard both his traditional lugger and a Class 40 Nov p58

15 Ways to beat boat burglars Emrhys Barrell’s security tips Jan p106
Priceless Peyton Dick Durham describes their first encounter Feb p60
Mike Richey A tribute to one of the most respected ocean sailors in the world Mar p49
Killer Storm Xynthia Boats wrecked on France’s Atlantic Coast May p52
Natural navigation Navigating with no electronics, charts or compass June p22
Trailboating Brian Pilcher downsizes from 27ft Albin Vega to day-boat July p63
Round the Island Miranda Delmar-Morgan finds her competitive streak July p82
Cruising as a couple Mark Grimwade looks at the ups and downs Summer p52
Corinthian Sailing heroes Jester Challenge Summer p64
1,000 days at sea Reid Stowe breaks all endurance records Aug p20
Triangle Race 2010 James Jermain reports on a competitive cruise Aug p58
A century of sailing A 1910 Gaff cutter compared to a GRP cruiser Sept p26
Convoy through pirate alley Sailing safely through the Gulf of Aden Oct p60
Biscay Triangle Rally Andrew Brook sails from Torquay to La Coruna Oct p64
Green eMotion Chris Beeson sails with designer Gideon Goudsmit Nov p62
101 things every yachtsman should know Dec p22   

Fitting-out fever Roger Carey goes undercover in the boatyard      April p56

Expert on board
Getting ready to go offshore Jan p34
How to stay safe with radar Feb p32
Skippering a yacht through unfamiliar locks Mar p26
Pros and cons of windvane steering Apr p30
Braidline Splicing May p32
Perfect passage planning June p26
Towing masterclass July p36
Jury Steering Summer p32
Anchoring under sail Aug p26
Taking lines ashore Aug p40
Shorthanded sailing Sept p38
Crossing busy shipping lanes Oct p34
Secondary port tides Nov p30
Sailing through overfalls Dec p32

Caribbean pirate attack: Blue water dream turned to nightmare Jan p51
Rescue in the Red Sea: Ross Ireland loses his Nicolson 42 Feb p44
Dragging into danger: Engine failure off a rocky lee shore Mar p32
Total loss: David Ballantyne wrecks new yacht on delivery trip Apr p40
Survival Lesson: Noel Dilly slips off a marina pontoon in January May p40
Heavy weather impact: Force 9 passage from Iceland to Faeroes June p34
Ruptured stern gland: A test of practical know-how on passage July p46
A tempest in Tonga: Survival situation at anchor Summer p44
Atlantic rescue: Two couples saved from sinking yacht Aug p32
Prop-wrap: Jack Gush encounters a plastic sack Sept p58
Steering failure: Charter yacht with no toolkit on board Oct p42
Night collision: Nuno Santiago collides with a mystery ship Nov p36
Storm survival: Typhoon sinks couples yacht in South China Sea Dec p40   

Cabin Lights: Emrhys Barrell tests 16 power-saving LED cabin lights Feb p94
Self-levelling radar: Chris Beeson tests self-levelling radar mount Mar p102
Manual Bilge Pumps: Emrhys Barrell tests 15 pumps Apr p90
Jumpstarters: Portable power to start your engine Apr p112
Electric Bilge Pumps: Emrhys Barrell tests 20 electric pumps May p94
14 Inflatable tenders: Cheapest, toughest, lightest and best value June p90
Marine Computers: PCs at sea Summer p70
Liferaft repair kit: Do they work at sea? Aug p70
Wi-fi boosters: Tim Thornton tests internet kit for boats Sept p124
Wind generators: Emrhys Barrell tests 16 wind turbines Oct p70
Dehumidifiers: Emrhys Barrell tests 6 units from £100-£350 Nov p90
Hand-held VHF radios: 9 new units tested Dec p74

Guide to modern sailcloth July p86

Weather wise: Is GRIB reliable? Jan p43
Alternatives to GPS: Launch of new satellite systems Jan p44
Weather wise: Judging the jet stream Feb p41
Loran: Land-based Loran navigation network stages a comeback Feb p42
Weather wise: The ‘psychology’ of weather forecasts Mar p40
AIS: Friendly Big Brother Apr p48
Weather wise: Warm fronts explained Apr p50
Emergency Bilge Pumps: Vyv Cox nearly sinks his yacht Apr p96
21st Century Navigation Rob Peake looks at electronic navigation aids May p62
NMEA Tim Thornton explains the original Esperanto & its successor May p50
Weather wise: Model meteorology June p41
E-navigation: June p42
Weather wise: Lessons from lava fever July p44
Weather wise: Atlantic shopping list Summer p47
Creating better charts: Volunteer chart surveyors needed Summer p51
Weather wise: How to forecast fog Aug p37
Faster surfing: Make the best of a slow internet connection Aug p45
Winches: Chris Beeson looks at three new ranges Aug p64
Cruising gear of tomorrow: Chris Beeson reviews 10 inventions Sept p34
15 great ideas on new boats: Best innovations at the SBS Nov p70
Keel loss: Why fin keels are vulnerable Dec p10
Anchors: Nigel Calders’ tips how to choose the right anchor Dec p70
Mooring: Chris Beeson tests out Bénéteau’s new 360º docking system Dec p72

Fitting a plotter in the cockpit: Graham Snook checks the options Feb p70
Electronics compatability: Plan ahead before installing new kit Mar p39
Ultrasonic Antifouling May p122
Laying-up checklist Nov p88
Highland lift-out:Alistair Buchan hauls out on Skye Dec p62

Arcona 340 (Jan p100); Bavaria 32 (Feb p80); Halberg Rassy 310 (Mar p96); Beneteau First 35 (May p84); Ovni 365 (May p82); Sigma 33 (June p78); Dragonfly 28 (July p100); Najad 410 (Summer p84); C-Yacht 10.50 (Aug p82); Sirius 35DS (Sept p98);
Winner 12.20 (Oct p84); Bavaria 40 (Dec p84);

Feeling 306 (Jan p94); Contessa 32 (Feb p74); Starlight 39 (Mar p90); Etap 35i (Apr p78); Legend 39 (May p88); Swedestar 370 (June p84); Jeanneau’s Sun Shine 36 (July p94); Bavaria 36 (Summer p78); Dufour 36 (Aug p76); Hallberg-Rassy 32 (Sept p92);
X-412 (Oct p78); Océanis 351 (Nov p78); Westerly Storm (Dec p80);

London Boat Show: preview/new gear/new boats (Jan p89)
London Boat Show: report from Jan 2010 show (Mar p82)
Dusseldorf Boat Show: review of 12 new yachts (Apr p72)
Southampton Boat Show: new kit & new boats (Sept p116)
Southampton Boat Show: James Jermain reviews the latest gear (Nov p76)

Lena Reekie, Swale gaffer grandee (Jan p8)
Ted Osbourne, Cruising crusader (Feb p12)
Richard Walsh, Publisher (Mar p6)

The Christmas Sailor (Jan p5)
The Retired Yachtsman (Feb p9)
The Winter Sailor (Mar p9)
The Armchair Sailor (Apr p9)
Foul play man (May p9)
The club stalwart (June p9)
The early retiree (July p9)
Tall Ship enthusiast (Summer p9)
Boatyard manager (Aug p9)
Cowes Week Man (Sept p13)
The mystery owner (Oct p11)
The sailing skinflint (Nov p9)
The micro-cruiser (Dec p9)