Follow Paul Heiney on his trip to South America and beyond

Follow Paul Heiney on his blog as he plans to leave from the UK at the beginning of July 2011 sail
‘Wild Song’, a Victoria 38, to Madeira before taking
her to Uruguay via Cape Verde and Brazil.

In the 2012 season the plan is to head south, hoping to transit the Beagle Channel and
cruise the Patagonian channels northwards towards Puerto Montt.

2013 they are hoping to strike off in the Pacific heading, they
hope, to a lonely little atoll on the far western fringe of that Ocean. They have reasons for choosing this destination which will become clear.

Then, the idea it to sail the
Pacific rim round to Alaska, then to Vancouver/ Seattle where it’s planned the boat will be lifted, hauled across the Rockies and dropped into the Great Lakes.
Thence, homeward.

Paul says “It’s easier to say than to achieve but it is better to set off with
a grand plan than no plan at all. Some stages will be sailed by me
alone; Libby will join for legs when her busy working life allows, and
doubtless some sailing slaves will be pressed into service.”

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