More meteorological musings to accompany the Feb 06 issue of YM

The February 2006 issue of Yachting Monthly contains a fascinating look at weather forecasting, ancient and modern. Alastair Buchan asks ‘How accurate is your forecast?’ and shares some weather lore and proverbs.

Here is some more traditional weather wisdom:

? When the ditch and pond offend the nose, Then look out for rain and stormy blows.
? Three day’s rain will empty any sky.
? The farther the sight, the nearer the rain.
? Rain long foretold, long last, Short notice, soon will pass.
? The sharper the blast, the sooner ’tis past.
? If bees stay at home, rain will soon come, If they fly away, fine will be the day.
? The first and last frosts are the worst.
? When clouds look like black smoke a wise man will put on his cloak.
? A rainbow afternoon, Good weather coming soon.
? A rainbow in the morning, is the shepherd’s warning
? A rainbow at night is the
shepherd’s delight.
? When the chairs squeak, it’s of rain
they speak.
? Catchy drawer and sticky door, Coming rain will pour and pour.
? The winds of the daytime wrestle and fight, Longer and stronger than those of the night.
? Dust rising in dry weather is a sign of approaching change.
? Sun sets Friday clear as bell, Rain on Monday sure as hell.
? No weather’s ill if the wind be still.
? The squeak of the snow will the temperature show.
? When smoke hovers close to the ground, there will be a weather change.
? When down the chimney falls the soot Mud will soon be underfoot.
? When the sun shines while raining, it will rain the same time again tomorrow.
? When the wind blows from the west,
fish bite best.
? When it blows from the east,
fish bite least.
? If salt is sticky, And gains in weight; It will rain Before too late.
? Red sky at night, sailor’s delight; Red sky in morning, sailor take warning.
? When the wind is in the east, ’tis neither good for man nor beast.
? The more cloud types present,
the greater

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