Simon Osgood is racing round the island to get to the chapel on time

37-year-old Simon Osgood could be the luckiest sailor on the water. His fiancée, Becki Thomson, has not only agreed to let him sail his Nordic Folkboat So! in the Round the Island race tomorrow, leaving him just hours to make it back to his Sunday wedding in London, she’s even cut their Dubai honeymoon short so Simon can compete in the Folkboat Nationals!

So, how did he swing it? The key was a good forecast – ‘Becki said I could go? as long as there was some wind. Last year, we got as far as Ryde, but had to retire at 2200hrs! And I’m not allowed near a boat for the whole of our honeymoon.’

Simon is racing with two of his ushers – one of whom is Yachting Monthly advertising manager Mike Shepherd – who are in charge of returning him unsalty and on time to the church by 1100 on Sunday.

The So! crew are hoping the forecast for 15 knots of breeze will hold, as the wedding photographer and 14 other wedding guests are aboard various other boats for the race.

‘The only people who’re not on the Isle of Wight are the best man and the bride!’ says Simon.

Amazingly, he’s not feeling under pressure, and says of the tight timing, ‘I think it adds a bit of character to the wedding.’

Simon will be sending us updates on his progress throughout the day tomorrow.

Picture: Simon helms So! at Cowes Week.