Free advice for all boat enthusiasts

The RNLI’s series of free seminars at the London Boat Show, Excel (stand N15D) are open to all who enjoy serious fun on the water. They are running every day from 11am – 5pm and offer a 20-minute practical look at a range of subjects including sea safety, boat maintenance, the clothing technology developed by Helly Hansen for Team Ericsson in the Volvo Ocean Race and also a look at the technological advances in RNLI lifeboat design.

The RNLI’s seminars are supported by Helly Hansen, Sea Start and International Paint who have each put forward expert presenters to talk on the respective subjects of serious clothing (Helly Hansen), engine breakdown (Sea Start) and antifouling technology (International Paint). RNLI sea safety volunteers are presenting the seminars on lifejackets and calling for help and the RNLI’s Technical Department is talking about technological advances in lifeboat design.

The RNLI seminars are running every day of the Boat Show at the following times:

11:00 Lifejackets – RNLI Sea Safety
What to buy, how to wear and how to look after.

12:00 Calling for help – RNLI Sea Safety
From a whistle to an EPIRB, all your options, whatever your watersport.

13:00 Engine breakdown – Sea Start
Why boats breakdown and what you could do to reduce your chances of needing a lifeboat.

14:00 Serious clothing – Helly Hansen
Serious fun on the water needs the right gear, as the Ericsson Racing Team competing in the Volvo Ocean Race well know. Helly Hansen explain the latest in sailing clothing technology and how this is available to you.
15:00 Antifouling technology – International Paint
How to keep that growth at bay, what are the options and how do you choose what’s best for your boat?

16:00 Technological advances in lifeboat design – RNLI
Design, engineering and technology behind the latest lifeboats in the RNLI fleet.

17:00 Engine breakdown – Sea Start
Why boats breakdown and what you could do to reduce your chances of needing a lifeboat.

RNLI sea safety volunteers are also on stand (N15D) to provide free sea safety advice, a lifejacket clinic and a look at lifejackets through the ages. If you fancy a spot of retail therapy then the RNLI’s shop has nautically inspired gifts, or why not become a regular supporter of the charity that rescues over 4,000 leisure craft a year by becoming a member. Come aboard a Severn class all-weather lifeboat (berth D60 in the marina) and meet volunteer lifeboat crew, learn more about their training and search and rescue at sea.