Graham Snook sets out the costs of new items required to replace his yacht's engine, and includes contact details for the contractors and suppliers he used

Here is a list of almost everything I needed and used in the fitting of my new Beta 30. I saved money, but not time, by doing a lot of the installation myself. I left the critical things like alignment of the prop shaft and mounting the engine to the professionals.

I’ve included the current RRP for the items, but as with all RRPs it’s possible to save money by shopping around. For example by waiting until the boatshow I was able to get over £1000 off the RRP price of the Beta 30. I also got over £700 for my old engine on Ebay, which went towards a Flexofold folding 3 bladed propeller (£1,256) but for this list I’ve included the prce of a fixed 3 bladed propeller.

All prices RRP and include VAT

1 x Beta 30 RRP £6,349

1 x 25mm Stainless shaft

1 x PSS shaft seal 25mm

1 x 25mm x 1.5in cutlass
bearing £42

1 x Vetus type siphon break
air vent £96

1 x Vetus type 330 Water
strainer 19mm £79

4m x 19mm fire-retardant
waterhose (Vetus) £76

1m x 50mm Exhaust hose £34

2.5m x 8mm Fuel hose £24

1m x fuel hose 10mm
(Pressure feed) £10

1m x 16mm heater hose £24

1 x T-piece for waterfeed

1.5 x Battery cable and
ends 35mm £25

1 x ½ UNF fuel filter tail

Bolts and steel for engine
beds etc £80

1 x 50mm end fitting for
Vetus LP type box £7 (would have been £146 for new exhaust waterlock)

1 x Flexible Coupling £162

1 x 3-bladed Fixed prop

1 x box of ten hose-clips
25mm-35mm £15

1 box of ten hose-clips
11mm-16mm £26

Soundproofing £200

Prop Protector £100

Engine lift in and out £180

Total price of all
equipment – £2,846


Beta Marine

01452 723492

TS Marine

(Charge £1,200-£1,400 to fit
an engine)

01489 581030


0045 7555 4346


0161 652 7080

Prop Protector

01622 685666

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