More readers' letters from the June 2006 issue

One letter that there just wasn’t room for in the June issue:

I note your paragraph in the January issue of Yachting Monthly on the facilities at Gorran Haven beach and I enclose a page from the March issue of our parish magazine.
Whilst the Parish Council is primarily concerned over safety during the launch of power craft, there have been several near misses when yachtsmen from visiting craft power ashore.
Great Perhaver beach is a very safe place for small children and popular during holiday times. Driving hard ashore in a power dinghy to dry beach, or even when rowing in, could cause a small child to be injured.
Perhaps you could find a space to publish this caution to visiting yachtsmen. And by the way, the pub is near the top of a very steep hill.
Martin White

For the last few years there has been concern about safety on Gorran Haven beach. With help and advice from the Harbour and Fishermen’s Society the Parish Council is planning to introduce measures designed to improve safety on the beach for the months of July and August. There will be a line of marker buoys to the right of the slipway and boats will be required to launch on the right hand side of these buoys. Boats will not be allowed to anchor on the waterline nor remain on the beach. There will be mooring buoys 100 metres from the end of the quay for boats to moor during the day only. The bollards will be in place between 1000am and 600pm and boats will not have access to and from the beach during these hours. A beach warden will be employed to enforce this scheme and in order to fund it launching fees will be introduced at: Daily Tickets £5; Weekly Ticket £25; Season Ticket £50.00
The Parish Council wants all groups to be able to enjoy the beautiful amenity that is Gorran Haven beach and hopes that this scheme will help to do this. It’s success will be monitored throughout the summer and will be looked at again next year.