How many winches do you have on your boat? The answer is none. They're all capstans.


Overflow from our readers’ postbag which we didn’t have room to publish in the magazine

Self-levelling radar test

Extras from the Yachting Monthly Test of self-levelling radar

Under autopilot

The unedited letter sent by Derek Gilbert, Raymarine's customer service manager, to YM reader Bob Johnson in response to a question about his ST7000 tripping into standby without warning

Sailing skills and practical seamanship

Simon Jinks, YM's Technical Writer and a Yachtmaster Examiner, and the YM team of experienced yachtsmen deal with everything from recovering a man-overboard and anchoring to boat and sail handling.

Yachting Monthly’s 40 Favourite Pubs

Whether you're toasting the successful completion of an offshore passage on a sun-soaked pub terrace or sheltering in the glow of a roaring fire while a gale howls outside, all…

Life inside a liferaft

The November 2007 issue of YM contains advice on how to cope with life in a liferaft. Before putting pen to paper, technical editor Chris Beeson took a yacht from…