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Extra facts and figures from David Lomax

Population 4.7 million for statistics etc.
Currency Krone 1£ = 11.2 NOK approx
National Day 17 May

Direct approaches to mainland with approx distances:
From Dover
Mandal 460nm; Tananger 480nm; Stavanger 490nm; Bergen 585nm; Bodø 1040nm

From Lerwick, Shetland
Mandal 300nm; Tananger 215nm; Stavanger 225nm; Bergen 200nm; Florø 190nm; Bodø 585nm

From Peterhead
Mandal 300nm; Tananger 250nm; Bergen 295nm; Florø 310nm; Bodø 730nm

From Newcastle
Mandal 210nm; Tananger 320nm; Bergen 390nm; Florø 440nm; Bodø 850nm

From Harwich
Mandal 420nm; Tananger 440nm; Bergen 520nm; Florø 620nm; Bodø 1,000nm

From Skagen
Oslo 133nm Kristiansand 95nm; Mandal 105nm; Tananger 205nm; Bergen 305nm; Bodø 1,005nm

Chart and book suppliers
Statens Kartverk
Tel: 47 32 11 81 60

Nautisk Forlag
Tel: 47 22 00 85 00

Tel: 01480 462114

Average Temperature
Oslo 17ºC Bergen 13.5ºC Trondheim 13.8ºC Tromsø 10.1ºC Svalbard (Longyearbyen) 2.9ºC
Oslo 18.2ºC Bergen 14.5ºC Trondheim 15.1ºC Tromsø 12.7ºC Svalbard (Longyearbyen) 6.3ºC
Oslo 17.2ºC Bergen 14.4ºC Trondheim 14.8ºC Tromsø 11.8ºC Svalbard (Longyearbyen) 5ºC
Oslo 12.8ºC Bergen 11.5ºC Trondheim 11.2ºC Tromsø 7.7ºC Svalbard (Longyearbyen) 0.3ºC

Tidal Ranges
Oslo 36cm
Stavanger 46cm
Bergen 1.22m
Trondheim 2.5m
Rørvik 2.12m
Bodø 2.36m
Narvik 2.7m
Tromsø 2.23m
Hammerfest 2.32m
Honningsvåg 2.24m
Vardø 2.6m
Kirkenes 2.72m
Longyearbyen 1.44m

L Rogaland 58º 39N 5º 36 E
N Orlandet 63º 40N 9º 33E
B Bodø 67º16N 14º 23E
V Vardø 70º22N 31º60E
A Svalbard 78º40N 13º36E

Wind Strengths Beaufort
Stille 0
Flau Vind 1
Svak vind 2
Lett bris 3
Laber bris 4
Frisk bris 5
Liten kuling 6
Styv kuling 7
Sterk kuling 8
Liten storm 9
Full storm 10
Sterk storm 11
Orkan 12

Search and Rescue
Emergency Numbers:
Central rescue Stations
South Norway 47 51 51 70 70
North Norway 47 75 55 90 00
Short number for nearest coastal radio stations is 120
Fire 110; Police 112; Ambulance 111

National agency for coastal management, marine safety and communications, lights and buoys etc.
HQ (in Ålesund) 47 70 23 10 00