Ellen MacArthur overtakes Mike Slade's ICAP Leopard in the chase round the island

At 0820 hrs, Leopard is between Bembridge Buoy and the Fort, roughly an hour from the finish line – they’ll be pushed to break the monohull record now.

The fair winds have been great news for the Extreme 40 fleet, and JPMorgan Asset Management, helmed by Ellen MacArthur, has overtaken Leopard, and is now re-entering the Solent, roughly 45 minutes from the finish-line. Although they are making extremely good time, the 40-foot cat will not be able to beat Francis Joyon’s multihull record of 3hrs, 8 minutes and 29 seconds, set in 2001.

Yachting Monthly advertising manager Mike Shepherd, sailing with Round the Island groom Simon Osgood for previous story click here updates us from Folkboat So! (pictured left) in ISC Class 7.One of the foremost boats in the 38-strong Folkboat class, their quest for the Silver Roman Bowl is still looking hopeful:

‘We’re just heading through Hurst narrows, straight lining it to the Needles now, and pushing through white group flags. It’s looking good at the moment, and we’re having a great time!’