Chris Tibbs gives his final weather briefing the night before the big race

High pressure centred to the south of Ireland at 1034mb is slow moving and expected to be the main feature throughout race day. During the day the high is expected to expand over the UK giving mainly sunny conditions and light winds.

06:00 N 5-10 knots, slowly easing.
10:00 N fading away to a period of calm ahead of the sea breeze.
12:00 Sea breeze developing, S to the south of the Island, SE in the eastern Solent and SW in the western Solent. Mainly 5-10 knots, probably 10-15 in the western Solent and near Cowes.
14:00 Time of the maximum sea breeze. There is likely to be a transition zone with calms between the SE sea breeze in the eastern Solent and the SW sea breeze in the western Solent.
16:00 A slow drop in the wind to 5-10 knots everywhere.
18:00 Calms developing in the eastern Solent.
20:00 Dropping very light.