Extra information on the build of the Island Packet 440

 In the April 2006 issue of YM, James Jermain reviews the Island Packet 440

Here is an excerpt from the builder’s brochure containing additional technical information with James Jermain’s comments below

What the builders say:

Island Packet’s modern production facility encompasses 125,000 square feet of building space on a 10-acre site in Largo, Florida. Here, every yacht manufacturing function ?from design, engineering, plug and mould building, through glass lamination, woodmill work, assembly, detail, and final loading for shipping? is integrated for maximum efficiency and manufacturing control.

High modulus hull and deck laminates of knitted triaxial fabrics are infused with a proprietary pressure-fed roller application system, yielding laminates twice as strong as conventional woven roving materials. The solid glass hull further ensures maximum impact and puncture resistance. Decks utilize Island Packet’s PolyCore,® a proprietary coring material for reduced weight with increased panel rigidity. PolyCore® is so impervious to rot and delamination that Island Packet provides a ten year limited warranty against deck core degradation and delamination.

Tankage and storage on the 440 is exceptional. All tanks are centrally located below the cabin sole, benefiting stability and interior storage space elsewhere in the yacht with minimal effect on trim. Both the public and the press have repeatedly singled out Island Packet for meticulous installations of electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems. Every detail, from the geared rack and pinion steering system to the swedged and threaded fuel hose fittings, is carefully chosen for its important contribution to long term quality and reliability. Numerous details like magnetic reed bilge pump switches and thru-bolts with lock nuts on both seacocks and prop shaft couplings typify the approach to building every aspect of an Island Packet. Heavy duty, high output alternators with Digital DuoCharge controllers, premium pre-tinned wiring, and large capacity absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries reflect the many quality features built into the 440 that help ensure owners years of comfortable, trouble-free cruising.

James Jermain comments:

The hull is a substantial, solid, hand-laid laminate of mat and tri-axial rovings with special gel coats and vinylester resins for osmotic protection. IP are sufficiently convinced by their patented Polyclad 3 and Polycore technology that they give an encouraging 10 limited warranty on the hull and deck. The two are joined at the toe rail, bonded and laminated over. Internal stiffening is in the form of a massive tray moulding fully bonded to the hull. Bulkheads are bonded in all round.

The April issue is on sale from 9 March

CORRECTION: The UK price of the Island Packet 440 is £311,375 (incl VAT) not £352,500 as stated in the magazine