Sam Brunner catches up with Helena Lucas as she finishes the race aboard Farr 45 Team Volvo for Life.

The crew aboard Farr 45, Volvo for life came 6th over the line in the Round the Island race today and despite the light conditions, they enjoyed a great day’s racing. Skippered by Athens silver medalist, Nick Rogers, they were bound to do well. Sam Brunner caught up with crewmember and paralympic silver medalist Helena Lucas, as she came ashore.

How did you find the race?

“It was really good fun i find light winds really tricky and at the end of the day this was anybody’s race.”

What were your tactics for the race, how did you manage to do so well?

“We made our big gains at the needles, two of the boats in front of us drove straight into the wreck so it was well marked out for us! “After the needles we went right inshore and caught a great breeze going down the back of the island.”

Who were your main competitors during the race?

“We had a tussle all the way with two other farr 45sRebelandAtomic. some of the others went too far off shore. two of the TP52sRedandPatheraovertook us to line honours as didAtomicandRebelin the end.

Would you race again in these conditions or did it put you off doing this race again?

“Yes, I had a great time. In some ways I find light airs more interesting to sail in. there are huge gains and losses to be made so we didn’t get dispondent if the others were ahead. Before you knew it they were parked up with no wind and we would sail on or vice versa. That was how the day went.”

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