The length, breadth and depth of YM's pick of affordable family boats

 In the July 2006 issue of YM, James Jermain picks 15 used cruisers to get afloat in from £9,000.

The July issue is on sale from 8 June.

Don’t miss the August issue where James Jermain picks the best boats for liveaboard cruising.

Here are the technical details of the boats selected:

Sabre 27
Additional information: Fin and bilge keels are available. Early boats had all-wood interiors, later ones had a wood trim on GRP. Factory-built boats were mostly sound but a number of home-completed kits were also produced. Brue Yachts built a few Sabres in the early 1980s that are to a higher standard.
LOA 8.23m (27ft), LWL 6.77m (22ft 2in), beam 2.8m (9ft 2in), draught 1.46m or 0.91m (4ft 8in or 3ft), displacement 3,251kg (7,168 lb), ballast 1,406kg (3,100 lb), sail area 30m2 (320sq ft)

Leisure 27
LOA 8.35m (27ft 4in), LWL 6.4m (21ft), beam 2.9m (9ft 5in), draught 1.52m and 1.1m (5ft and 3ft 6in), displacement 2,266kg (4,996 lb), ballast 1,254kg (2,765 lb), sail area n/a

Hurley 27
The hull, with a shallower keel, went on to become the Dockerell 27
LOA 8.23m (27ft), LWL 6.10m (20ft), beam 2.44m (8ft), draught 1.22m (4ft) displacement 2,642kg (5,824 lb), ballast 1,321kg (2,912 lb), sail area 29m2 (300sq ft)

UFO 27
LOA 8.22m (27ft), LWL 6.95m (22ft 8in), beam 3m (9ft 9in), draught 1.52m (5ft), displacement 2,479kg (5,465 lb), ballast 1,016kg (2,240 lb), sail area 26m2 (280sq ft).

Contest 27
A lifting keel version was popular.
LOA 8.38m (27ft 5in), LWL 7.16m (23ft 5in), beam 3.05m (10ft), draught 1.52m to 0.91m (5ft to 3ft), displacement 2,608kg (5,750 lb), ballast 952kg (2,100 lb), sail area n/a

Parker 275
If you like the concept but find the price daunting, the Super Seals 26 and 27 offer a similar package for £3,000 or £5,000 less.

Sadler 26
LOA 7.89m (25ft 9in), LWL 6.28m (20ft 6in), beam 2.9m (9ft 5in), draught 1.46m to 0.7m (4ft 8in to 2ft 3in), displacement 2,177kg (4,800 lb), ballast 907kg (2,000 lb), sail area 26m2 (279sq ft)

Vancouver 27
LOA 8.23m (27ft), LWL 6.99m (22ft 11in), beam 2.63m (8ft 7in), draught 1.30m (4ft 3in), displacement 4,064kg (8,959 lb), ballast 1,570kg (3,461 lb), sail area n/a

Westerly Griffon
LOA 7.93m (26ft), LWL 6.61m (21ft 7in), beam 2.83m (9ft 3in), draught 1.50m or 1.00m (4ft 9in or 3ft 3in), displacement 2,722kg (6,000 lb), ballast 1,232kg (2,717 lb) sail area 31m2 (335sq ft).

Etap 26
LOA 7.80m (25ft 5in), LWL 6.60m (21ft 7in), beam 2.80m (9ft), draught 1.60m to 1.00m (5ft 3in to 3ft), displacement 2,270kg (5,000 lb), ballast 702kg (1,545 lb), sail area 26.2m2 (282sq ft).

Jeanneau Fantasia 27
LOA 8.30m (27ft 2in), LWL 6.60m (21ft 6in), beam 2.97m (9ft 5in), draught 1.50m to 0.79m (4ft 11in to 2ft 7in), displacement 2,400kg (5,291 lb), ballast 750kg (1,650 lb), sail area n/a

Trapper 500/501
Twin keels were also introduced with the 501. Beware weak stanchion bases and shroud attachments to the bulkheads.
LOA 8,53m (28ft), LWL 6.72m (22ft 1in), beam 2.80m (9ft 2in), displacement 2,335kg (5,174 lb), ballast 1,136kg (2,500 lb), sail area 32.5m2 (350sq ft)

Hunter Horizon 27 range
LOA 8.54m (28ft 1in), LWL 6.50m (21ft 5in) beam 2.74m (9ft), draught (twin keels) 0.99m (3ft 2in), displacement 2,181kg (4,800 lb), ballast n/a, sail area 26m2 (280sq ft).

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