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YM Cruising Companion

Updates for 2004 edition (correct as of April 2005)

DEBEN & ORE ENTRANCES 2005 is a new website publishing downloadable information, sketch maps and photographs of both the Deben and Ore river entrances.

Page 20 Orford River Waypoints Orford Haven buoy latest position: 52 01 .62N 01 28 .00E

Hazards – seek up to date information from annual Alde & Ore Association Guidelines available from Small Craft Deliveries (details in text on p.22), or Aldeburgh YC

Page 27 The River Alde Bottom Rt col Delete ‘The best place to bring up is between the Martello Tower and the clubhouse’ and insert: On the E side of the river there are three visitors’ moorings below the clubhouse, near the Martello Tower;….

Page 32 River Deben Waypoint Woodbridge Haven Buoy latest position: 51 58 .54N 01 24 .25E

page 33 Approaches … At LWS in March 2005 there was 0.9 metres on the bar.

page 35 Top Rt Col Replace first paragraph with the following: In 2005 the course to steer from the Haven Buoy was approximately wnw to the East Knoll red can buoy. Leaving East Knoll close to port, steer a westerly course to the Mid Knoll green conical buoy before turning to starboard into the river with Martello Tower T abeam to port.

Page 52 The Orwell Para 2 It has been reported that ‘the old wharf at the head of Levington Creek’ is obstructed by rusty metalwork so it is not advisable to ‘sound a way up there’.

Page 53 Pin Mill Port Guide The Sail Loft chandlery has closed and it is no longer possible to obtain water there.

Page 63 Walton Backwaters Chart and Page 65 Entrance to Walton Channel Some of the W&FYC buoys in the entrance to Walton Channel have had their names or numbers altered. See Admiralty Notices to Mariners 5231 18/11/04 for details.

Page 79 West Mersea Port Guide. Fuel, diesel by can no longer available from A.B Clarke’s

Page 85 Heybridge Basin Port Guide Fuel, diesel by arrangement is no longer possible

Page 88 River Crouch Chart and first paragraph Whitaker No 6 N Cardinal buoy was missing its topmarks in March 2005

The North Swallowtail safewater mark was renamed the Ron Pipe buoy in 2004

Page 101 Roach and Havengore The Havengore Route The Havengore Bridge will be closed for essential maintenance for approx seven weeks from March 21st 2005 Some useful photos taken in January 2005 plus information about the Havengore Route, provided by the Roach Area Fairways and Conservation Committee, can be found on

Page 107 The Thames – Useful Information VHF Ch 12 for The Estuary below Sea Reach No 4 Buoy should now read Ch 69 Port of London Authority is now at: Bakers Hall, 7 Harp Street, London EC3 6LB Tel 020 7743 7900 Fax 7999 Website

Page 113 The London River Lower Hope The Tilbury buoy off Coalhouse Point is no longer the last of the channel buoys. These are now Diver in Gravesend Reach and a further pair at Thurrock near Broadness Point, after which there are shore marks from reach to reach.

Page 116 Greenhithe There is a housing development on the site of the former merchant navy training college.

Page 117 Erith Rands third paragraph Sewage ships no longer operate

Page 120 Limehouse Basin Marina is no longer managed by the Cruising Association

Page 135 The Swale Kingsferry Bridge During the ongoing construction period of the new high level A249 road bridge across the River Swale there will be limitations on the frequency of operation of the Kingsferry lifting bridge. The advice for yachtsmen is to pay particular attention to VHF Ch 10 communications with the bridge by commercial vessels so as to make best use of the available lifts.

Page 144 Thames Estuary Routes WIND FARMS In Spring 2005 cable route investigations are being carried out 24 hours per day in connection with the wind farm developments in the south eastern approaches to Fisherman’s Gat and the East Swale entrance.

NB Work is underway on the Kentish Flats offshore wind farm out of Whitstable and other such work may be taking place on the Gunfleet Sands. Guard boats may be in use. HM Coastguard will broadcast safety information.