Print off the checklist from January's YM - plus parbuckles and handy-billies

 In the January 06 issue of Yachting Monthly, James Jermain describes how he and Pete Ellis of BOSS sailing school took a rigless Westerly Fulmar to sea so that they could discover what sort of jury-rigged mast and sail would really work.

Don’t miss the January issue – on sale 8 December – to learn more then download this PDF of the dismasting checklist that appears in the magazine.

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Not sure what a parbuckle or handy-billy is? Read on?


A very simple and effective method of lifting a heavy object up a high and steep surface – for example, if retrieving a person or spar from the water.

A line or lines, or a sail secured by its foot, is made fast to the top of the surface (toerail, top of harbour wall) and passed under the object to be lifted. If the free end is pulled in and the object rolled up the surface, it affords a 2:1 mechancal advantage.

Click here and scroll down to see an example of a parbuckle being used to lift a barrel.


A loose block and tackle with a hook or tail on each end, which can be used wherever it is needed. Usually made up of one single and one double block.