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Dedicated to the design, manufacture, distribution and service of marine electronic equipment, Raymarine is committed to making boating a safer, easier, more pleasurable experience for thousands of boat owners around the globe.

Welcome to Raymarine marine electronics
Your choice of marine electronics is one of the most important decisions you will have to make as a boat owner, next to choosing the boat itself of course. Thousands of boaters head to the water everyday, confident in the performance and accuracy of their chosen Raymarine equipment.

Raymarine design
‘Simple-on-the-outside, sophisticated-on-the-inside’ is the design philosophy behind our intuitive easy-to-use equipment — making boating a safer, easier, and more enjoyable experience for everyone. No need to worry about compatibility issues — instruments, autopilots, radar, chartplotters, fishfinders, communications, software, navigation aids. Raymarine networks equipment into systems that are able to move images and data from display to display for up-to-the-second information at the touch of a button.

Raymarine’s commitment to you.
When you choose Raymarine equipment, you are choosing world-class performance, top-notch research and development, and the latest proven design technologies.

You are choosing marine electronics that have been exhaustively and comprehensively tested for the marine environment and you are backed by Raymarine’s support, service and warranty network worldwide.

Whether stand-alone units or completely integrated systems, Raymarine offers you a comprehensive range of marine electronics to choose from, immerse yourself in the Raymarine world of marine electronics and choose the equipment that’s right for you and your boat.

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Further information
Raymarine electronics are available through a worldwide network of dealers and distributors. The company headquarters is located at
Quay Point,
Northarbour Road,
Hampshire UK

For General Enquiries Tel : +44 (0)2392 693611
For a Brochure Tel : +44 (0) 80 8072 9627
For Product Support Tel : +44 (0)2392 714713