The new Dufour 470 follows in the footsteps of bigger sister the Dufour 530 in offering three deck layouts each aimed at a different part of the sailing market

The new Dufour 470 looks to be something of a new direction for the brand, and their introduction to the boat states that it ‘epitomises the shape of things to come’.

Much of this new direction is around offering various packages on the same hull, with three options, which broadly replace the two previous Grand Large and Performance lines which Dufour has offered for the past two decades.

Three deck layouts are available. Here the Ocean layout. 

Essentially these three deck layouts are:

The Easy version, a very simple layout, intended primarily for charter, with sheeting and control lines led to a singular aft winch, at the back of the cockpit coaming.

The Ocean model is aimed at owners wanting a more traditional layout, with the halyards and control lines led to the coach roof and the sheets led to the helm station – in essence the cruising model for most prospective owners.

Finally a Performance version sports six winches, two each for main, genoa and pit, enabling constant sail trimming.

This three deck layout in one hull model concept follows in the footsteps of the bigger sister, the Dufour 530 which offers the same. Though it may be easy to dismiss this move as marketing guff to cover a preference for offering the same hull to a wider market, developments in hull shapes in recent years have made it easier to incorporate a wider variety of options into the one hull shape.

Principally here, the Dufour 470 follows a recent trend towards fuller bows, which coupled with the ongoing trend for wider, more powerful sterns creates a great deal of volume below.

These fuller bows come in part from a trend in the racing market, as top end offshore racers edge towards a more scow-bow shape. In the cruising world, although slightly increased bow volume does mean more space below, it can also make for a more comfortable boat to sail by reducing heel and thus requiring fewer hands to sail, particularly in gusty conditions.

Full bows and a full stern offer plenty of volume below

The Dufour 470 includes a reverse chamfer curve on the topsides below the sheer line in addition to the larger forward hull volumes and a smooth fore and aft chine, though with pains to reduce wetted surface area.

She comes available with 3, 4 or 5 cabin layout options, with up to four heads and a front or side galley, the layout choices can accommodate larger or reduced crew numbers, sailing styles and comfort options.

Ample deck storage is available via cockpit lockers, additional forward and aft stowage. There’s plenty of seating and the option for adding a large sunbed on the aft deck.

Each helm station has a dedicated location for a complete range of navigation instruments, and Dufour say it offers great all-round visibility from the helm, while the engine throttle mounted a waist height should provide easy control when manoeuvring.

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