The words ‘pink spinnaker’ are enough to send a chill down the spine of anyone who’s ever watched Cowes Week disaster footage. There’s Atalanta of Chester, which dis-masted when their…

Clean Sailors will also be working with sailmakers to learn more about the material used in sailmaking, to see if it could be used outside of the sailing industry. Credit: Paul Wyeth

97% of sails end up in landfill. Now a new sail recycling scheme has been launched to repurpose old sails, bags and sheets

A yacht sailing downwind at the start of the ARC

How do you choose which sails to set or what course to steer, and can you stop the boat rolling? Toby Heppell talked to sailors preparing for the ARC to…

Mainsheet deck gear is often on the coachroof

The mainsheet is the most worked item of deck gear, so it's vital to choose the right system and set it up correctly for your boat