All Hands on Deck book jacket

All Hands on Deck is a sailing activity book for children, but is badly let down by the quality of the illustrations and the content, says Julia Jones

Sail the world with me, Jimmy Cornell Book Jacket

Sail the World With Me is a fascinating account of Jimmy Cornell's life and his attempt to create a zero-carbon yacht, says Julia Jones

A Lighthouse Story - book jacket

A Lighthouse Story is a delightful book to read with younger children or for those in primary school to read on their own

Book jacket for the Long Lost Log

The Long Lost Log is an entertaining account of crossing the Atlantic in 1974. Those who have ever been young, muddled and gullible will enjoy this book, says Julia Jones

Skipper’s Cockpit Navigation Guide book jacket

Skipper’s Cockpit Navigation Guide is useful for crew members of different abilities and a useful aide-memoire for everyone on board, particularly if some systems are unfamiliar, says Julia Jones