Duncan Wells passes on even more tips on using an anchor to help with boat handling, how to drop ground tackle by hand and how to recover a stuck anchor


If you're alongside a leeward harbour wall and the fenders are on the verge of popping, use a kedge anchor to haul her up to windward, says Duncan Wells


If you're anchored next to an obstruction, you can set your bower anchor and kedge to make sure you don't swing more than two boatlengths, says Duncan Wells


Is your kedge anchor lying forgotten in its locker? Vyv Cox outlines 8 ways you can put it to good use

Choose right anchor

Which of the many anchor designs is best for your boat? Vyv Cox helps you choose the best anchor for your style of cruising

Anchor lights

Hurricane lamp on the boom, or electric beacon at the masthead? Duncan Kent gives advice on the best place to hang your anchor light

Windlass test

See our video report on the windlass test published in Yachting Monthly November 2012 – and read about the types of windlass available, what their ratings mean, what loads they…