Mooring lines, running rigging and anchor ropes are very often spliced at their ends, but how does this make such a difference?

As important as the type of rope you use for your lines is the way they are finished. Knots can weaken a line by as much as 50% and are likely to come undone unless taped or whipped, so they’re best avoided for highly stressed applications. Using knots may also mean you need a larger diameter rope leading to more expense.

A properly spliced loop or hard eye creates a much stronger and less bulky termination. Braided lines will experience problems unless properly stitched and whipped to keep the covering tight to the inner core, thus spreading the tension evenly and avoiding unsightly lumps, bumps, or kinks.

A properly stitched and whipped rope end will also extend the working life of your lines, saving you money in the long run.

Ropes from left to right: LIROS 3 Strand polyester, LIROS Handy Elastic, LIROS Braided Dockline. Learn more about Mooring Warps and Mooring Lines

Smartly spliced and whipped braided lines are a delight to work with. They can increase efficiency, are easier to feed through deck gear and are generally more comfortable to handle.

Most boatowners take pride in their yachts and like their decks to look shipshape and seamanlike. Having neatly finished lines on board will definitely give her a well-maintained look, adding an air of stylish professionalism to your boat’s running rigging and mooring lines.

LIROS Anchorplait® Loop Splice, Centre Splice with Stainless Steel Thimble, Eye Splice with Galvanised Thimble. Learn more about Mooring Bridles

However, splicing and whipping are time-worn seafarers’ arts not easily performed by those without many years of experience in this particular art form. Neither are they easy to mechanise, as they frequently require a complex level of customisation.

Knowledgeable and trusted UK splicing and rigging specialists Jimmy Green Marine is a family-run business with over 40 years of experience providing spliced anchoring, mooring and rigging solutions for all sizes of boats and yachts.

LIROS Anchorplait® being spliced onto Stainless Steel Chain through 1 link. Learn more about Anchor Warps

Their flagship service is a superb online Custom Build System at, where you can order what you need finished and ready to deploy onboard.

Their website is easy to navigate and provides good-quality images and excellent instructions to simplify the process. Their website Knowledge Centre contains detailed and impartial information on choosing a suitable rope and finish.

Anchorpalit® 1 link chain splice to galvanised chain. Learn more about Anchor Warps

Helpful categorisation and filtering guide users to find and specify precisely what they need. The website generates an instant online preview and price quotation before committing to placing an order.

Once the goods are ordered, their rapid, worldwide delivery service can reach you at your home, business address or even your boat, making Jimmy Green Marine second to none for the supply of custom-made ropework.

Eye Splice with Stainless Steel Thimble, Cow Hitch Loop, Eye Splice with Barton Low Friction Ring, Back Splice, Whipping with LIROS Ribbon Halyard Tail, Eye Splice – Cover Stripped. Learn more about Running Rigging Cruising Halyards

To fulfil these orders, the Jimmy Green warehouse in Beer, East Devon, holds a large comprehensive stock range of trusted, premium brand ropes from LIROS, a leading European manufacturer renowned for their unsurpassed consistency over four decades, and Marlow Ropes, the respected, top quality UK rope manufacturers.

The Jimmy Green rigging and ropework skills have been passed down through the generations, so you can be totally confident that the ropework will not only do the job for which it is intended but will also look smart and tidy on your decks.

Left: LIROS Racer finished with Eye Splice, Cover Stripped with Tylaska Snap Shackles, and Whipping with LIROS Ribbon Halyard Tail. Right: LIROS Dynamic Plus finished with Eye Splices, Cover Stripped with Quick Release Shackles. Learn more about Running Rigging Performance Halyards

The Jimmy Green rigging and ropework skills have been passed down through the generations, so you can be totally confident that the ropework will not only do the job for which it is intended but will also look smart and tidy on your decks.

The Rigging Team are also available for a telephone consultation to discuss your specific requirements should that be easier.

Left: Demonstrates how ropes will fray if they are not whipped. Right: The whipping secures the rope construction tightly, and the frapping (vertical stitches) pierces through the layers to prevent slipping. Heat sealing the end in conjunction with a whipping forms an enduring rope finish. Learn more. Learn more

Before despatch, a rigorous quality control process ensures that everything you order is finished to their exacting standards and matches your instructions. And don’t worry, should you accidentally order incorrectly, the Jimmy Green Team will always do their best to resolve the situation.

Visit now and select Custom Build to purchase from a wide range of sheets, halyards, control lines, mooring warps and anchor rodes produced to your precise specification.