With her tough, aluminium hull, the Ovni 365 can cross oceans, yet her lifting keel and rudder enable her to explore the shallowest creek. Dick Durham steps aboard this amphibious Land Rover of the sea

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Ovni 365


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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and those who cannot see past the Ovni’s boxy hulk and quirky French design will probably be those who cannot appreciate the benefits of a shoal-draught cruiser which is the perfect expedition yacht. The Ovni is designed to explore remote inlets and bays, as well as take you across oceans, from the Artic to the tropics.

She has been called  the Land Rover of the seas with good reason. She’s a very capable, long-distance, liveaboard cruiser. Her aluminium hull (65% as strong as steel, but one-third as heavy) makes her robust, if not bullet-proof, and the ability to beach the boat is a bonus. The only concern is being careful of electrolysis and as one owner said ‘ensure you are not a giant anode!’

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Draught:(lift keel) 0.77m-2.35m (2ft 6in-7ft 8in)
Displacement:8,800kg (19,360lb)
LWL:11.44m (37ft 6in)
Beam:3.92m (12ft 10in)
Price Guide:£145,000 - £240,000
LOA:11.94m (39ft 2in)