Bavaria is famed for its budget boats. Do they stand the test of time? Dick Durham finds out

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Bavaria 36


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Her overall appearance is of a well-designed, unpretentious and modern cruising boat. Indeed, she’s as pretty and seamanlike as many boats that cost twice as much. But because of a perceived snobbery over this value-for-money brand, plus keel problems mentioned earlier, the Bavaria is perhaps unfairly stigmatised, creating negative preconceptions.

If the family man can overlook this and not feel he has to be a breast-beating offshore adventurer, this is an excellent cruising yacht.


Price Guide:£48,000-£76,000
LOA:10.96m (35ft 9in)
Draught:1.65m (5ft 4in)
Displacement:5,500kg (12,100 lb)
LWL:9.40m (30ft 8in)
Beam:3.60m (11ft 8in)