Inside the September 2023 issue of Yachting Monthly

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Sailing Skills

Cruising in Europe: Beyond 90 days is getting harder as the Schengen zone expands. Here’s how to do it

Skippers’ tips: Trust your crew | Intruder alarm n DIY remote monitor

A question of seamanship: Would you cross the Channel or stay put?

Offshore routing: Climate change means that the game is changing rapidly when it comes to ocean route planning

Learning curve: With boat damage and no engine, would you retreat to a rocky coast or press on? One sailor decides


A novice round Britain: An initiation into the joy and discomfort of cruising as Katrina Megget sets sail with her fiancé

Swanage and Studland: A guide to where to anchor now Studland options are limited

Southampton Boat Show preview : The latest new boats, events & ticket offers at Southampton and Cannes

Electric boat in Sweden: Mastering electric cruising on an Arcona 385

Gear and boats

GT325 on test: A well-built, quick, UK-built 32ft twin keeler – Is this the ultimate small cruiser?

The future of cruising yachts: We look into how current and future trends will shape the boats of tomorrow

Propellers: Understand how pitch, rotation, diameter and type affects your boat

VHF Antenna: A radio is only as good as its antenna (and some other essential bits). Here’s how to improve your reception and transmission


Editor’s letter: A state of flux
News: Brutal Fastnet | Pacific rescue | MOB fatalities n Southampton Show
Letters:Preventers | Kenichi Horie | Converting to LEDs | Stabilised binoculars
Dick Durham: Find your inner expert
Libby Purves: Sailors love problems
Books: The Black Joke, A. E. Rooks
Confessional: You can’t miss it!