The November issue of Yachting Monthly is full to the gunwales with sailing skills, cruising adventures and reviews of the latest boats and sailing gear.



Credit: Graham Snook/Yachting Monthly

Gusts & squalls
Dag Pike’s expert guide to coping with wind strength spikes

Handle your boat better
Harness your boat’s quirks for more enjoyable sailing

Skippers’ tips
Anchoring etiquette • Boom preventer • Fridge cooling

Question of Seamanship
Could you moor on a very busy pontoon?

Lay-up checklist
Our guide to making the winter laying-up process easy



Credit: Kari Nurmi & Mika Ervast

Exploring Svalbard
Kari Nurmi dodges ice and predators as he sails around Spitsbergen in his Bavaria 30

Sensual Sicily
A week in the Aeolian Islands to delight the senses

South-West Ireland
Idyllic cruising and a slower pace of life

Peacheful anchorages
Monach Islands and South Deep and the delightfully named anchorage in Beer


Battery charging
The power of Lithium batteries

Essential tool kit
Don’t set sail without doing a thorough inventory of your tools and spares

New boats
A round-up of the latest boat launches and design updates

Lightning strike
What happens when a yacht is damaged by a direct hit?

Me & My Boat
The enduring appeal of Sadler’s Starlight 35

Yacht stability
We test how three different hull shapes affect comfort at sea with surprising results


Credit: Graham Snook Photography


Editor’s letter
News British yacht sale boom
Letters What would you do?
Dick Durham Personal Water Craft
Pete Goss Material pleasures
Cruising Community Milestone for your sailor
Cruising Logs Novice sailor to the Netherlands; COVID-19 Channel cruise; Tasmania
Books Close to the Wind
New Gear The latest marine kit
Confessions Rude awakening