Inside the March 2023 issue of Yachting Monthly: Andy du Port takes a look at digital passage planning and asks whether all tasks can now be done without resorting to traditional paper methods. And we give advice on getting your rigging sorted ahead of the new season.

Out on the water, we test 0ut the new Astus 22.5 a small trimaran that could make for some serious adventures and revisit the Hanse 388, and ask how well has this boat stood up to the cruising life. Plus we take a close look at watermakers and ask if the initial outlay is worth it and take a deep-dive into the inner workings of the starter motor. All this and our usual cruising stories, gear reviews and much more.

Sailing Skills

Rig checks: The key failure points to look at before the spring

Digital passage planning: Electronic charts and resources are great, but a few tasks still have to be done on paper

Nav station refit: After 30 years, our boat’s wiring was in need of a refresh’

Skippers’ tips: UV protection • Ropes at night • Downwind headsails

A question of seamanship: Do you set off on a long passage or not?


The simple life: Why conventional wisdom on the cost of sailing is a myth

Sailing Patagonia: Rich rewards on the route less sailed to the Pacific

A classic builder: Owner of the Elephant Boat Yard Tom Richardson reflects on the importance of community afloat

Portland to Liverpool: Ferocious tides, shallow harbours and lots of help make for a memorable voyage around the coast

Gear and boats

Astus 22.5 on test: Small trimarans can make for serious adventures, especially when they can hit 15 knots

Hanse 388 tested: How well has this boat stood up to the cruising life?

Starter motors: The inner workings of this vital part explained

Watermakers: The initial cost is high, but you’re then free to keep cruising

New gear: Four pages of the latest kit for the spring season


Editor’s letter: Make it happen
News: No VAT U-turn by HMRC • Tidal barrage for Wash • GGR half way
Letters: Eco-moorings pick-up lines • Third reef at mast • Variable EU customs
Pete Goss: A trip down under
Dick Durham: Retracing old wakes
Lu Heikell: New season, old friends
Cruising community: Sail therapy for mental health • Ocean Globe Race
Books: The Loneliest Race, Gelder
Confessional: Where’s the outboard?