April 2022 cover of Yachting Monthly magazine

Inside the April 2022 issue of Yachting Monthly: Sail for the horizon: Are you ready to head offshore? Green Sailing Special: Mike Golding on why plastic pollution is a red herring; Why cruising in protected areas benefit sailors; the newest boat launches; Sailing trailblazer Tracy Edwards on her career and what is next for Maiden, and more!


Credit: WCC/Oliver Vauvelle

Credit: WCC/Oliver Vauvelle

Export on board Ocean Sailing: When it comes to making the leap from coastal to ocean sailing, preparation is key, as these recent transatlantic crews reveal

The Knowledge 27-point start of season checklist

Skippers’ Tips Rig a preventer • Impeller hack • To reef or not to reef?

Cruising in protected areas Why protected areas benefit sailors

Sailing in protected areas is covered in the April 2022 Yachting Monthly

Credit: Alamy Stock Photo

Question of Seamanship Should you choose port or starboard tack?

A greener future for cruising? Duncan Kent shares how to alleviate your carbon footprint and emissions

‘There were a lot of troubles, but we never gave in’ Lessons learned on a zero-emissions Antarctic voyage


Interview with Tracy Edwards features in April 2022's Yachting Monthly Credit: Chris Openshaw/The Maiden Factor

Credit: Chris Openshaw/The Maiden Factor

Tracy Edwards The sailing trailblazer looks back over her incredible career and explains why she is so passionate about girls’ education

Mike Golding on Why climate change is THE issue to solve

Delightful Denmark Maeve and Adrian Bell explore captivating Danish islands

Heavenly Hebrides Jonty Pearce goes off-grid and unearths some hidden gems in these remote Scottish islands

April 2022 Yachting Monthly examine cruising in Scotland's Outer Hebrides

Credit: Jonty Pearce


The Malo 46 is the Me and My Boat for the April 2022 Yachting Monthly

Credit: Nic Compton

Me & My Boat Does the Malö 46 live up to her blue-water credentials?

New Gear The latest eco-friendly products for you and your boat 

Sustainable Sails The technology that will clean up sails

New Boats In the absence of boot Düsseldorf, we bring you the most covetable yacht launches

New boats featured in the April 2022 Yachting Monthly

Credit: Mikkel Groth


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Letters Lifejacket tests • Fuel duty
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Pete Goss Nav station conundrum
Lu Heikell Prepping, the sailor’s way
Cruising Community Tributes to YM Triangle Race’s John Clapham • Boats for young sailors
Books The Secret Life of Fish
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