Sailing Skills

Expert on board: How to cross the Bay of Biscay Atlantic circuiteer John Simpson explains the best way to take on Biscay

Skipper’s tips: Coping with short finger pontoon; Interpreting radar

Learning curve: Being caught out by a building wind leads to broken ribs
A question of seamanship: Blown off – how would you berth in a breeze?

Any questions? Are Southerly yachts gone for good? What’s this snake? In-boom furling? Am I killing my batteries? Customs inspections?

Practical seamanship:Doctor at sea: how to spot and deal with fatigue


Turning a violent sail into an enjoyable ride: Passage planning can be like chess, and a small move can make a big difference, says Ken Endean
Tomahawks at dawn    Surviving a close shave with a NATO missile at sea 42    The ups and downs of sailing across Biscay    From coastal port-hopper to offshore novice, Kitiara Pascoe heads for Spain on her first ocean adventure
The Chap afloat: Forget progress, let’s go sailing like proper gentlemen

Anchorages: Perfect places to anchor overnight, from Scotland to Cornwall

Cruising log: Yachting Monthly readers share their experiences: discovering a hidden world around the Swale and Atlantic island-hopping

How to catch fish from your boat: When, where and how to catch fish from your yacht with minimum effort and the most basic kit
New boats: A sleek 36ft cruiser-racer and a high-end blue water cruiser


Gear and Boat reviews

Group test: Lifejackets. Duncan Kent and his crew test 12 of the latest lifejackets to find out which is the most effective and comfiest

EPIRBs vs PLBs Which distress beacon should you choose?

Tried and tested A modern cockpit awning for an old boat

New gear: Compact waterproof VHF; Inflatable survival platform; Distinctive deck shoes; A more efficient charger/inverter

New boat test: Faurby 335e: Graham Snooks travels to Denmark to discover a modern boat built to a beautifully old-fashioned standard

Used boat test: Westerly Fulmar Renowned for good sea- kindliness and vice-free handling, is this the best yacht that Westerly built?