Inside your May 2015 issue


Expert on Board
How to reduce rolling at anchor
Ken Endean and the YM test team look at ways to avoid the discomfort

Practical Seamanship  Which weather forecast? Frank Singleton compares European forecasting services to the Met Office

Skipper’s tips 
• One in sixty
• Affordable chartplotter
• Avoid the plunge

Learning curve
‘My yacht caught fire and sank…’ Daniel Fournier, describes the chain of events that nearly cost him his life

A question of seamanship
‘Pilotage inshore, or a lively beat offshore?’

Any questions?
• The perfect tide?
• Which way round the Wight?
• Why can’t I hear VHF forecasts clearly?
• Which end is which, and what is she?


19 tips for the perfect crew
Charles Warlow discusses the  ideals for the perfect crew and compromises that make for a happy ship

Belize to Ecuador by land and sea: Rather than using the  Panama Canal, Michael Marshall takes his yacht across Guatemala by lorry

The genius of Colin Archer
Clare McComb enjoys a sail  through history and Tom Cunliffe survives a storm in a real Colin Archer

Pilotage: Holland
How to find free yacht berths in Holland

Idyllic spots to drop the hook from Suffolk to Chesapeake

Cruising log 
Yachting Monthly readers share their experiences…

Alan Buchanan, the man who designed 2,400 yachts

At the mercy of experts 
Andrew Bray thought he was an expert after a  lifetime of sailing, but when it came to fitting out a gaffer, little did he know


New Gear 
• World’s smallest tracker
• Hull repair packs
• Dual-station VHF  radio
• Hydrophobic down coating
• Affordable AIS
• Don’t lose your phone

Gear test: Mainsheet blocks 
Who makes the best value mainsheet blocks? Duncan Kent evaluates triple-sheave blocks

New Boats
From a sporty cruiser, to a big weekender and a 26-footer

New boat test: Legend 37
‘I was suprised and impressed’

Used boat test: Dufour 2800
‘Well ahead of her time’

Tried and Tested
• Navistick GPS in a USB
• Comar NMEA-2 Wi-Fi hub