March 2021 Yachting Monthly Cover

Inside the March issue of Yachting Monthly you will find the Moody 41DS boat test, cruising heroes of the 21st century, sailing skills, cruising adventures, gear and more:



Breaking free A practical guide to how anyone can sail an Atlantic circuit and make your dreams a reality

Skippers’ tips Secure your sails • In-board jackstays • Gas leak prevention

Question of Seamanship What is that blue and yellow flashing light?

Navigating with waves Dag Pike’s guide to developing this ‘sixth sense’

Reading the night sky No complicated maths or sextant required



Cruising heroes of the 21st Century Sailors who have inspired others to explore



Sailing with Leviathans Jeff Wrinch cruises past icebergs the size of houses and gets close to the humpback whales

Trapped in paradise Kate and Bill Gover experience lockdown in the Pacific

Dodecanese delights Idyllic Greek islands off the Turkish mainland

Two anchorages Drake’s Pool, Crosshaven and Porth Nefyn, Wales

Two Cruising Logs Sweden’s ‘Blå Kusten’; and River Deben to the Yealm



Digital cartography Big changes are under way with 3D depth contours that rival video game detailing

Tried & Tested Marine stereo and LED searchlight put through their paces

Jubilee clips How this simple fitting is crucial for keeping your boat afloat

Me & My Boat The Nicholson 32

On test: Moody 41DS – with a fresh approach to deck-saloon design, this cruiser pushes the boundaries of space


Photo credit: David Harding/ Sailing Scenes


Editor’s letter Dreams to reality
News Keep VAT details onboard
Letters A foil too far?
Dick Durham Saltways’ sleuthing
Pete Goss Give the foilers time
Cruising Community Tony Curphey is off again!
Books Escort: The Battle of the Atlantic by D.A. Rayner
Confessions Close encounter