In the June 2024 issue of Yachting Monthly magazine:


TESTED: LINJETT 39 – Has this Swedish yard found the perfect formula for a boat with timeless appeal?

HIDDEN SCOTTISH ANCHORAGES – New charts reveal beautifully isolated spots that were previously little known

EASY NAVIGATION – Chartplotters would have us slavishly following a line, but here’s a better, easier way

LOW-COST SAILING – You don’t have to own a boat or spend lots of money to get plenty of time afloat

PROPELLER TECH – Get the right prop and you’ll save money, motor faster and even make power

SCHOONER CONVERSION – Changing from a ketch rig may sound drastic, but one sailor is delighted with his new rig

Sailing skills

Skippers’ tips – Practise heaving to | Rinse your radio | Neap tide anchorages

A question of seamanship – How would you handle this violent gybe?

Mistaken identity – A curious incident with AIS in the night-time


Highland island hopping – Dick Durham is bewitched by West Coast magic aboard an entrancing classic yacht

Off-grid Greece – Away from it all out of season in the Aegean’s secluded spots

Schooner trainee – Long-distance sail training aboard a working ship

Gear and boats

New gear – App upgrades for affordable over-the-horizon AIS data

Return of the square rig – New technology and global warming could lead to a new age of working sail