Skippers’ tips
Foolproof fendering • Anchor watches • Stand on or give way?

A question of seamanship
A rough night against a harbour wall

Manoeuvre under sail
Could you anchor, moor and berth without an engine?

Learning curve
‘Rescuing our hurricane wreck was a huge project’



Scotland to St Lucia
The newlyweds and their parents who sailed 5,000 miles together for their honeymoon

Spotting whales on a cruise through this stunning Atlantic archipelago

Greek anchorage
A gorgeous little harbour that most people sail past

Poole and Swanage
Discover the hidden backwaters of Poole and Swanage

Solent to Alderney
Crossing the Channel is a rewarding passage but requires careful planning

Cruising Community
Charter in Corfu • Howards’ Way • Caledonian refit

Skipper at 60
Taking the step



Tested: X-YACHTS X46
Can a boat with a racing pedigree really be a comfortable cruiser? David Harding finds out

What makes a boat seaworthy?
Has the definition of a capable yacht changed? Duncan Kent looks at how new designs stack up

Blue-water cruiser essentials
The 10 key features for sailing offshore

How boat design is evolving
We pick the trends shaping yachts today

Engine checks
10 essential engine checks at the start of the season

New Gear
5 handy new gadgets

Find me a boat for the French canals
4 boats to sail south to the Mediterranean



GPS warning • Windfarms

Follow the wind • Anchoring

Pete Goss
A symphony in grounding

Libby Purves
Antarctic lessons

Dick Durham
The art of sextants

Joseph Conrad’s Thames

Sealed with a kiss