Sailing Skills

What’s the safest way to get from tender to yacht?
It’s the unseen MOB risk we run everytime we transfer from one to the other

Short-handed spinnaker tips for cruisers
It isn’t as terrifying as it seems and it will expand your horizons, says Vyv Cox

Any questions
• Is my fuel affecting my heating? • How do I make my own survey? • Where have all the ketches gone? • What is a chain deflector?

Why am I navigating unlit reefs at night in a squall with no GPS?
Conrad Humphreys, sailing master of Bounty’s End in TV’s Mutiny, on sailing with a novice crew, without forecasts or modern navigational kit


Once around Britain in bad weather
On their second round-Britain cruise, Ken and Mary Endean make the best of British weather

Practical tips for sailing round Britain
Sailing round the British Isles is a uniquely rewarding experience. Four skippers share their tips

Drop the hook for lunch in Newbiggin Bay, Northumberland
There’s more room to swing in Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

What teenagers really think of cruising
Navigating can be boring but steering in waves is fun. Olly Perkins, 14, explains what young sailors enjoy

Snug berth
The new marina at Greystones, Co Wicklow, is proving popular

Rescued in the middle of the Indian Ocean
After a series of unfortunate events, two sailors have to abandon their home of 22 years

Cruising log
Exploring the Tuamotus, finding lost divers, SW Three Peaks

Boats and Gear

There’s a new way to make cruising sails
Woven or laminate? That’s your choice if you want new cruising sails – until now

Used boat test: Moody 346
Dick Durham enjoys that rarest of things: a twin-keel, shoal-draught yacht that sails upwind like a dream

New gear
• Noise-cancelling VHF radio with AIS • Advanced sailing boots    • Small, portable pressure washer • Rugged carrier bags • Sailing jacket

Tried & tested
• MOB rescue platform • Rig tension gauge