What’s inside your July 2016 issue?



Expert On Board: When good berths go bad
James Stevens explains how to ensure a quiet night in port whatever the weather

A Question of seamanship
‘You’re ready but the crew isn’t. Can you delay?’

Any questions?
• Do 1 in 8 sailors really fall overboard?
• How much anchor chain can I add?
• What is the best man overboard recovery kit?

Skipper’s tips
• Radar for squalls
• Getting off a windward berth
• In-mast jamming
• Black arch, white squall
• Solvents stowage
• Planning for peace

Learning curve
‘A sink drain nearly sank our boat!’
Going upriver in a gale, Nigel Calder runs hard aground and nearly floods his boat



Homewaters: Sharing the joys of Essex
Theo Stocker joins an East Coast cruise that is getting lots of novices into cruising

Obiturary: Ed Dubois
James Jermain looks back at the career of yacht designer Ed Dubois whose designs included the successful Westerly Fulmar

Adventure: Risking pirates and war for the beauty of Arabia
The Red Sea may be getting safer but William Pardoe faced danger to get there

Cruising log
Readers share their experiences. Doug Sharp cruises around the Hebrides while John Molloy has a rough crossing to the Low Countries

Rod Heikell finds a Greek island with shelter and great lobster

Pilotage: Land’s End cruising guide
10 pages of fresh cruising advice from Ken Endean around England’s south-western extremity

Useful kit, new & used yachts

Group gear test: 18 soft shackles tested
Just how strong are Dyneema shackles? We investigate how to make them and what knots to use

New gear
• Marine 4G and WiFi router • Coastal sailing jackets • Handmade sailing wellies • AIS man overboard alarm • Stand-alone DSC VHF radio

Is you rig strong enough?
Few of us give our chainplates a second thought but we should look more closely, says Ben Sutcliffe-Davies

New boat test: Oceanis 41.1 She is bound to be great for charter, but is she also a good boat to own? Graham Snook investigates

Used boat test: Contessa 26
What’s so special about the Contessa 26? We find out why she is one of Britains’ best loved cruisers