Jan cover

Sailing skills
Expert overboard
How to rescue crew who are much heavier than you

Skipper’s tips

  • Plotting a Metmap
  • Charter boat checks
  • Snag-free lazyjacks
  • Safety for self-tailers…

Practical seamanship
12 hassle- busting tips for solo skippers

Learning curve
Hanging by a thread: how a false economy nearly lost a cruising family their boat

A question of seamanship
‘Is there any point in leaving early?’ Passage plan for sea breezes and odd tides

Any questions?

  • How to stop prop fouling?
  • Which mainsheet?
  • How to avoid ‘boat odour’ on clothes?

Yuletide afloat
Mike Peyton tells the stories of hapless sailors who became
subjects for his Christmas cards

Pilotage: Easy wild cruising
Exploring Sweden’s pocket wilderness, the Stockholm Archipelago

Home waters: Between two rivers
Pottering on the Deben and Blackwater

‘I scared away pirates COVER    with a shotgun!’ A redoubtable skipper STORY    on a round-the-world cruise

South Ireland’s best- kept secret and a real desert island

Cruising log
Readers’ cruising yarns from home waters to the Caribbean

The Simplist
Colin Jarman’s canny approach to technology on board

Boats & Gear
Me & my boat: Legend 36
She’s very comfy in port, but how STORY    does she handle heavy weather?

New gear
What a sailor really wants for Christmas: our festive gift ideas

New boat test: Elan 360
She’s blisteringly quick, but how STORY    suitable for cruising?

Tried and tested

    • Hydrogen fuel
    • Self-setting rubber l Wireless
    • High-end galley cooker

New boats
The latest mid-size models from Dufour and Sunbeam

Avoid engine breakdown!
Why diesel bug has become increasingly virulent and how to combat it