Inside the February issue of Yachting Monthly you will find:



Rule the waves
Keep the boat moving in big seas with expert helming technique for every seastate

Skippers’ tips
Pilotage by Google • Lightweight hatch • Hull chain protector

A question of seamanship
Could you free yourself from a lobster pot?

Do the colregs need to change?
Are these ancient rules still fit for purpose?

High seas drama
‘The side decks tore as the wave hit and the mast fell’


Sailing with volcanoes
Just months after Krakatoa erupted, Liz Cleere explores Indonesia’s fascinating volcanic archipelago

North sea Viking
Seeking out Force 10 storms in a wintery North Sea

Seek shelter in North Devon • An island jewel in Greece

Exploring La Rochelle
Plenty to discover in the gorgeous French harbour

Cruising community
Record numbers for ARC • Cruisers ‘Trash Day’ • Getting shipped • Faversham Creek

Eventide’s golden age
We look back at the much-loved yachts, built from YM plans



Faster rescue
PLBs and EPRIBs have taken a leap forwards, plus all the latest tech that will change your cruising

New boats for 2020
We pick the newest boats to see at Boot Düsseldorf

Tested: Hanse 508
Full of clever design, this boat has speed, space & style

Expert antifouling gudie
How to keep your hull cleaner for longer

Sailing an aero rig yacht
Why this unusual rig works so well



Editor’s letter – Getting lively
News – Fastnet to end in France
Letters – Beware survey limitations
Pete Goss – Don’t forsake paper
Dick Durham – Tethered harnesses
Books – AC Stock, Sailing Just for Fun
Confessions – Dragging to windward