Passage-planning skills come to the fore

Yachtsmen and women are among members of society who are more likely to have an affair than other professionals because of their passage-planning skills… a dating agency has discovered.

The adulterers also include many people working in the marine industry because they are more likely to manage an affair – due to their impeccable time-management skills.

They also have more legitimate excuses to use if things should not ‘go to plan.’

The findings are revealed by whose spokeswoman Rosie Freeman Jones told YM:

‘Scheduling is unbelievably important when you’re having an affair.

‘If you are living with your partner but seeing someone else full time then you need alibis, you need to know which friends to tell and which not to, so it is a juggling act and if you don’t have planning skills then you are going to fail.’

The site plays host to around 4,000 professionals in the transportation and logistics industry.

Sara Hartley, site representative, suggests that married people working in these fields are more likely than ever to be seeking out affairs.

‘The economic crisis has had a profound affect on our site.

Those working in the transportation and logistics industry are currently experiencing a lot of cut-backs – that means more unemployment, tighter deadlines, underfunding.

These things can cause pressure at home, which is the main reason men and women have affairs.

‘Those in this industry have an advantage in that their jobs involve a great deal of scheduling. A successful affair requires planning, time-management, to avoid getting found out.’

Sarah Symonds, who has alledgedly had affairs with several celebrities, is quick to point out the importance of time-management for a successful affair:

‘In these economic turbulent times, scheduling an affair will become a challenge.

‘Many men and women have also lost their number one alibi of ‘working late at the office.’

‘Since most affairs start at the workplace, I would expect many unhappy couples to now look on-line to replace that setting, and, whilst I don’t condone infidelity, I guarantee that websites such as will see a increase in members due to the sheer convenience and anonymity they offer.’

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It was started in 2003, beginning as a small agency with only a handful of members, but now has over 290,000 members in the UK.

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