'I can't enjoy sailing with such injustice in the world'

A lifelong yachtsman is donating his boat to the orphans of Gaza because he can no longer enjoy sailing while ‘such inhumanity’ is at large in the world. Dr Ather Sharif, 46, who sailed his 22ft Newbridge Venturer from Hayling Island on the Solent will join a 100 vehicle convoy in central London tomorrow, with his boat on a trailer. After a rally in Hyde Park the convoy will drive overland to Gaza, with handouts.

The Convoy of Humanitarian Aid to Gaza will take three weeks and travel through Europe and North Africa, and then deliver aid to the people of Gaza.

Dr Sharif told YM: ‘You cannot ignore such injustice. I felt if I did so I would be complicit in it.’ The engineer who lives in Croydon, Surrey, is adamant his gesture is not political and added: ‘I can’t enjoy sailing anymore when schools and people’s homes are being attacked by armies with tanks and airforces with F16 jets and all because Hamas have fired a few fireworks at Israel.

‘The latest death toll is 1,400 Palestinians killed against 10 Israelis.’

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