US marinas use tracer dye to finger rogue boats

Marina harbourmasters in the USA now add tracer dye tablets to boats entering their ports so they can apprehend and fine polluters, Chris Coburn, MD of Warwickshire based marine sanitation specialists LeeSan, has warned.

But, in a humorous and informative talk on the history of marine toilet systems in and around UK waters, he said England has the longest history of eco friendly closed sanitation systems in the world.

Coburn explained how we lead the way in the development and use of marine toilets, holding tanks and pump out systems.

He also explained how, despite what people might think, boat builders, owners and companies like his are responsible for managing the eco system so that in fact, when it comes to black and grey water treatment, pleasure boating is one of the “Greenest” users of the inland and coastal waterways.

In the middle of the presentation at the London Boat Show the audience was treated to some video of Chris crossing the English Channel in his Narrow Boat “Progress” on his way to lobby the European Parliament about the continuing development of our waterways.

Detailing the work done by various standards committees, Chris explained the way in which the industry was trying to ensure that all boats were fitted with the correct “standard” pump out deck fitting and how LeeSan had also developed a matching “hands free” pump out probe to ensure fast, clean and simple tank emptying.