Advice for TV producers to make sailing exciting

Olympic organisers, TV Producers and the ISAF are searching for methods of making sailing more interesting to watch on TV, following claims that the Olympic coverage of sailing was ‘boring’, according to a sailing website.

Lars Tomasgaard told Scuttlebutt Europe that rather than focusing on types of boats, they should focus on types of racing.

‘Team racing has the potential to become a very exciting sport to watch due to the special characteristics of the sport; Every race lasts only 10-15 minutes with time for breaks in between.’

Tomasgaard listed the advanatges of team racing: ‘immediate decisions, no jury meetings. Easy format, easy to understand. Exciting, races can be turned around in last seconds. Sailing close to shore. Less dependant on wind strength. Fight between nations.’

‘Imagine Australia v UK in the finals with Goodison, Ainslie etc on the UK team. Exciting? I think so. Perhaps this could be a trial event for the next Olympics,’ he added.