Association growth


During 2009, the Westerly Owners’ Association reached the milestone of 3,000 annual memberships for the first time in its history. The Association began in 1966 with 103 members recorded in the first Yearbook.  However, it did not reach the 1,000 mark until 1993, and the 2,000 mark at the turn of the millennium.

The 3,000th member to register in 2009 is Guenther Prinz an 84 year old German from Berlin who joined with his wife Renate.  Guenther has been sailing since 1960 and owned his Westerly Konsort since 1997.  Geunther joined after learning about the Westerly Owners’ Association through a British sailing magazine.

The Commodore of the Westerly Owners’ Association, Brian Easteal said
“It is gratifying that our Association continues to grow so strongly.  Westerly built about 12,000 boats and a quarter of those owners, from all over the world, are now members of the Westerly Owners’ Association.  Clearly our members see the association offering good value for their subscription.  While we have an active programme of events around the British Isles, most members appear to join mainly for the excellent magazine and website.

The absence of a manufacturer also means that the association has now become the focus of technical information and support for the marque, and we encourage the entire membership to share their skills, knowledge and experience in the magazine and online.  Westerly Owners are very generous in their support of each other”