Stopover in Cascais for repairs

Michael Perham made a dramatic entry into Cascais, Portugal where he has arrived for repairs to his autopilot. As he rounded Cape Raso, the wind accelerated as it funneled and ‘just took off at 16, 17 and then18 knots,’ Michael said.

‘The bow was constantly plunging underwater and tonnes of water ran up the deck.
Then I saw dozens of lobster pots up ahead! I was soon swerving round them at 17 knots and grinning like a madman at my slalom sailing.

‘Fifteen minutes after rounding the headland, the wind dropped right off to a measly nine knots. I was very grateful though, as getting the main down in those conditions would have been pretty tough.’

One the boat is repaired the 16-year-old schoolboy will re-start his bid to be the youngest, solo, non-stop circumnavigator, this time from portugal to Portugal.

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