Sir Robin's boat OK after fishing line fiasco

Sir Robin is still cold after his plunge, but relieved that his Open 60 appears to have suffered no damage.

“Lighter winds the last 24 hours so speed has been a bit lower. Not expecting more wind for a day or so and then we get into a better wind stream for a few days. Spent yesterday getting warm after the swim and checking there is no damage to the keel, but don’t seem to have any lasting effects to either me or the keel.

Our lonely voyage continues with just the sea birds for company. It is calm enough for them to settle and we have just passed what, to all intents and purposes, looked like a conference of Albatrosses sitting on the water together. No squid on deck of Saga Insurance this morning, which is a relief. They are not large, about 8 inches or 200mm long, but they dry out leaving a stain on the decks.

The cricket was a disaster and we only have to lose one more match now to lose the ashes. More to the point, if we lose the ashes I have to buy the Agent General for Western Australia in London a lunch at Simpsons in the Strand! Come on guys, win the next three so he has to pay! ”

Saga Insurance’s latest ETA into Fremantle is between 23rd-28th December 2006.