Sir Robin sails on

Miles To Fremantle: 2,493 nm
Average Speed In 24 Hours: 9.48 knots
Distance In 24 Hours: 227.5 nm

“I did an audit on fuel yesterday and came to the conclusion that I have sufficient to last me to the end of December, if I am careful, so I shall not divert to Kerguelen for diesel fuel. It means doing without things like the cabin heater and cutting out any unnecessary electrical usage like the CD player, but it will save significant time so is worthwhile. In a way I am sorry as I would have liked to have seen the place and I don’t suppose I’ll be down this way again.

It went calm yesterday afternoon so we lost a bit of time, but the wind is now a Force 6 from just west of north, so we are heading just south of east at about 10 knots as the seas have built up quickly and the waves are throwing Saga Insurance about a bit. The objective is to avoid crossing the banks around Kerguelen as the waves will tend to heap up there, so trying to head east as much as possible.. There is a front on its way, the barometer has dropped significantly in the last few hours so it cannot be far behind now, and then the wind should back to the west and we can steer north of east. It ought not to be long now as its raining, cold, wet rain.

Still, when we bowl out the Aussies for 244, there is reason for some satisfaction. I just hope our team does not lose from a potentially winning position. Saga Insurance managed to get me tickets for this match in Perth, which was some achievement. It is very frustrating that I happen to be 2500 miles from the stadium!

That distance, incidentally, is the same as Halifax in Canada to Falmouth, England, which was the qualifying voyage I made in July, so we still have the equivalent of an Atlantic crossing to do.

Noon to noon was just 228 miles, a lot of miles lost when the wind dropped. That is a poor average for a boat like this, but if I was to average that to Fremantle I would not arrive before late 26th or early 27th December.”