The Tudor battleship reveals its secrets

Over 250 of never before seen artefacts from Henry VIII’s battleship the Mary Rose are to be exhibited in the unlikely setting of Croydon.

“The Mary Rose is one of the most important objects in English History. It’s up there with the Domesday Book, the Magna Carta, and Hampton Court. Indeed, I would go further. The Mary Rose is the English Pompeii or Herculaneum; all Tudor life is there.” -Dr David Starkey CBE

The Mary Rose, Henry VIII’s flagship, sank in 1545 at the Battle of the Solent and her collection is a unique time capsule, one of the world’s most precious heritage icons. The artefacts in the Exhibition illustrate the daily life of officers and sailors, and the military equipment of the Ship: clothing, jewellery, personal possessions, money, domestic utensils, furniture, musical instruments, medical equipment, navigational apparatus, weapons of warfare, tools, rigging and wood from the Ship are all on display. Many items are in ‘mint’ condition; and some, visitors are even encouraged to touch.

The themes of this Exhibition, and the stories behind them, are brought to life through prize Tudor objects complemented by cutting edge multi-media displays, using the latest computer technology. Accurate three dimensional facial reconstructions of a Gunner and a Bosun, have been created for the Exhibition through advanced techniques of biomedical and archaeological work.

Venue: Whitgift Conference Centre, Whitgift School, Nottingham Road, Haling Park, Croydon, CR2 6YT
Box office and tickets: 0208 6339939>