Sea room restriction to be discussed by ship operators

The reduction of sea room caused by the growing number of offshore wind turbines is to be discussed by big-ship operators at a conference on e-Navigation.

The first annual conference of ACCSEAS (Accessibility for Shipping, Efficiency Advantages and Sustainability) in Flensburg, Northern Germany
from 5 to 7 March, will look at issues which may impact on safe navigation in the North Sea and western Baltic Sea.

The issues to be discussed also include:

*The prediction that an increase in ship size, particularly amongst container vessels, is unlikely to reduce shipping traffic densities
*Provision of a navigational back-up in the event of failures, jamming or “spoofing” of vulnerable satellite based systems
*Identifying the need to provide better links between mariners and policy makers at national, European and International levels
*Better provision of information between ship and shore personnel, particularly with respect to routing and weather information.

The conference will also include the establishment of the first North Sea e-Navigation Forum to bring together users, stakeholders and navigation authorities and provide a voluntary arena for discussing and advising on the future implementation of e-Navigation in the region.

The ACCSEAS Project, which seeks to improve maritime access to the North Sea Region of Europe, is run by a partnership of navigation and maritime authorities, academic institutions and industry from Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and United Kingdom.